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MedEvoke Clinical Trials

Hired as a digital designer, my objective was to create a guide for participants of an upcoming clinical trial.  The client requested a mobile layout so individuals could easily access the documentation on their phones.  I worked with the medical copywriters to ensure that the design seamlessly aligned with the language and purpose of the guide.  This project was completed using Figma.

Study Visit Samples

The study spanned over the course of 70 months, and every three months participants received a notice about their upcoming visits.  The notices had two formats highlighted in the "Baseline Visit" and "3 Month Visit" pages.  It was imperative that the design was clear and easy to read while also maintaining the trial's brand.

Group 252.png

Misc. Messaging Samples

Along with study visit documentation, I also designed a plethora of educational material to assist participants in their trial journey.  Again, I wanted to maintain a clear and readable design while maintaining brand standards.

Group 238.png

Custom Iconography

Iconography was essential for this project.  The client provided some icons, and I filled in the gaps for missing imagery.  These icons were created in accordance with the clinical trial's brand standards, and were designed in Figma.

Group 253.png
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