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ABC's of 
Bergdorf Goodman

I was hired as an illustrator to create Bergdorf Goodman themed flashcards for kids.  Each letter was assigned a topic for my drawings to reflect.  I devoted a large portion of time to researching different elements of the store that applied to each topic.  My goal was to make the flashcards cheerful and straightforward.  I used Procreate for the drawings, and InDesign for the layout of the cards.

The Flashcards 

I wanted each flashcard to be unique while maintaining a similar feel.  I also wanted to incorporate colors either complementary or analogous to the border of each card.

Tuck Box and Placemat

Along with the flashcards, I also helped create the box for the cards, a placemat, and a sample sheet for the client to use for future projects.

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